The BlackBerry® Theme Studio is a free suite of graphic design tools for designers, developers, and anyone with an interest in creating graphics and themes for the BlackBerry device. You can create interactive themes, mobile websites, splash screens, graphics, and animated content that is optimized for use on devices.

The BlackBerry Theme Studio includes the BlackBerry Theme Builder and the BlackBerry Composer. With the BlackBerry Theme Builder, you can personalize the look of the screens on the device. The BlackBerry Composer is an illustration and animation tool that you can use to create static and animated vector graphics that can be used in themes, games, client applications, and websites.

The BlackBerry Theme Studio includes the functionality to convert various file formats (for example, Adobe® Flash®) into a format that is optimized for delivery and use on devices. You can test and debug themes and animations before distributing them to devices by using a BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator or you can test a theme directly on a device.

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