The AccessibilityDemo sample application

BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment 4.6.1 and later and BlackBerry® Java® Plug-in for Eclipse® with BlackBerry Component Package 4.6.1 and later provide a sample application that demonstrates the communication between an accessible application and an assistive technology application. The sample application can also be downloaded from

The AccessibilityDemo application consists of two projects.




CustomComponentsDemo is the accessible application. The screen contains custom UI components that implement the AccessibleContext interface, and, if appropriate, the AccessibleText interface, the AccessibleTable interface, or the AccessibleValue interface.

The AccessibleContext interface provides information about the accessible object, such as its value and state, to the assistive technology application.

The UI components broadcast accessibility events, such as when focus is set on a component or when a component's value changes.


ScreenReaderDemo is the assistive technology application, a screen reader. The ScreenReader class is registered as an accessibility event listener and implements the AccessibleEventListener interface. ScreenReader receives the accessibility events that CustomComponentsDemo broadcasts.

For demonstration purposes, the screen reader outputs System.out.println() statements to handle the accessibility events.

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