Pinch gestures

BlackBerry® devices with a touch screen support pinch gestures. Pinch gestures typically zoom in and out of an object on the screen.

A pinch begins when two touch points are detected on the touch screen. A pinch’s focal point is defined as the midpoint between the two initial touch points.

  • When two touch points are detected, a TouchGesture.PINCH_BEGIN event occurs. The coordinate points of the focal point of the pinch gesture are stored as TouchEvent.getX(1) and TouchEvent.getY(1). You can access the initial zoom value by invoking TouchGesture.getPinchMagnitude().
  • As the user moves one or both touch points, a series of TouchGesture.PINCH_UPDATE events occur. You can access the zoom values during the pinch by invoking TouchGesture.getPinchMagnitude().
  • When the user completes the gesture, a TouchGesture.PINCH_END event occurs. You can access the final zoom value by invoking TouchGesture.getPinchMagnitude().

Code sample: Retrieving information about a pinch gesture

This sample demonstrates how to handle a pinch gesture in a screen's touchEvent() method.

protected boolean touchEvent(TouchEvent message) 
      case TouchEvent.GESTURE:
         TouchGesture gesture = message.getGesture();
           case TouchGesture.PINCH_END:
             Dialog.alert("Focal point: " + message.getX(1) 
             +            ", " + message.getY(1)
             +            "\nFinal zoom value: " + gesture.getPinchMagnitude());
             return true;
   return false;

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