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Indicating activity or task progress

You can use the Activity and Progress Indicator API that is provided in the net.rim.device.api.ui.component.progressindicator package to display visual cues on a screen to indicate that work is being done or that a task is proceeding. You can represent an activity whose duration is unknown, as well as progress that can be represented numerically (for example, as a percentage of a completed task).

The Activity and Progress Indicator API uses the Model-View-Controller design pattern and includes two fields that are responsible for rendering the activity or progress:

  • The ActivityImageField class represents activity by using a bitmap that contains frames of an animation. The displayed frame changes over time. Typically, this field is a spinner, an hourglass, or other similar animated visual cue. This field is built and set by using the ActivityIndicatorView class.
  • The ProgressBarField class represents the progress of a task as a bar that fills as the task completes. This field is built and set by using the ProgressIndicatorView class.

The Progress Indicator Demo sample application is included in the BlackBerry® Java® SDK. This sample application demonstrates how to create and manipulate a variety of activity indicators and a progress indicator bar.

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