Creating a UI that is consistent with standard BlackBerry UIs

You can use the standard MIDP APIs and the BlackBerry® UI APIs to create a BlackBerry® Java® Application UI.

The UI components in the BlackBerry UI APIs are designed to provide layouts and behaviors that are consistent with BlackBerry® Device Software applications. Using these APIs not only allows you to use components that BlackBerry users are familiar with, but it also saves you time since you don't have to create those components yourself.

  • Screen components can provide a standard screen layout, a default menu, and standard behavior when a BlackBerry device user presses the Escape key, clicks the trackpad, or touches the touch screen.
  • Field components can provide the standard UI elements for date selection, option button, check box, list, text field, label, and progress bar controls.
  • Layout managers can provide an application with the ability to arrange the components on a BlackBerry device screen in standard ways, such as horizontally, vertically, or in a left-to-right flow.

You can use the BlackBerry UI APIs to create a UI that includes tables, grids, and other specialized features. You can use a standard Java event model to receive and respond to specific types of events. A BlackBerry device application can receive and respond to user events, such as when the user clicks the trackpad or types on the keyboard, and to system events, such as global alerts, clock changes, and USB port connections.

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