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Best practice: Implementing text fields

  • Use the TextField class to create text fields.
  • Choose a type of text field based on what you expect users to type. Using the most appropriate text field is important so that the appropriate typing indicator appears on the screen when users type text. For example, when users type text in a phone number field, the number lock indicator appears in the upper-right corner of the screen. The field that you choose also affects the default typing input method for the field on BlackBerry devices with SureType® technology.
  • Use or extend existing fields instead of creating custom fields where possible so that fields inherit the appropriate default behavior.
  • If necessary, include hint text to provide guidance to users. Use hint text if space on a screen is limited and you cannot include a label or instructional text. Hint text appears in the field and disappears when users type.

Guidelines for labels

  • Use concise, descriptive labels. Avoid labels that wrap.
  • Use title case capitalization.
  • Punctuate labels for fields with a colon (:).
  • If you use hint text, keep it concise. Use sentence case capitalization.
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