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Best practice: Implementing search

  • Use the net.rim.device.api.unifiedsearch package to implement search capabilities.
  • Be selective with the content that you register to be included in search results. Only register content that provides meaningful search results for users.
  • Try to present the most relevant items at the beginning of the list of search results. For example, if users are looking for a restaurant that has several different locations, display the restaurant that is closest to the user's location at the beginning of the list of search results.
  • In the search results, bold the text that matches the text that users type. This approach helps users see why each item appears in the list of search results.
  • If users need to search for a word on a screen (for example, in a message or on a web page), use the term "Find" in the Menu.

Implementing search fields

  • Set the default focus to the search field. When the search results appear, set the default focus to the first item in the list of search results.
  • Use the term "Search" as hint text in the search field.
  • Do not make search fields case sensitive.
  • Place the search field below the title bar on an application screen.
  • Do not assign shortcut keys for a screen that includes a search field. If you want to use shortcut keys, provide alternative search functionality. For example, allow users to search for messages in a message list using the menu.
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