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Best practice: Implementing radio buttons

  • Use radio buttons for two or more choices when space is not an issue. If space is an issue, consider using a drop-down list instead.
  • Use the RadioButtonField class to create radio buttons.
  • Verify that the content for radio buttons remains static. Content for radio buttons should not change depending on the context.
  • Do not start an action when users select a radio button. For example, do not open a new screen.
  • Align radio buttons vertically.
  • Group and order values logically (for example, group related radio buttons together or include the most common values first). Avoid ordering radio buttons alphabetically; alphabetical order is language specific.

Guidelines for labels

  • Use clear, concise labels. Verify that the label clearly describes what occurs when users select the radio button. If the labels are too long, they wrap.
  • Place labels on the right side of radio buttons.
  • Use sentence case capitalization.
  • Do not use end punctuation.
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