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Best practice: Implementing activity indicators and progress indicators

  • Always indicate progress when an action takes more than 2 seconds to complete.
  • Use a progress indicator when you can determine the duration of an action.
  • Use an activity indicator when you cannot determine the duration of an action.
  • Use the ActivityIndicatorView class to create activity indicators. Use the ProgressIndicatorView class to create progress indicators.
  • Provide useful progress information. For example, if users are downloading an application to their device, indicate the percentage of data that their BlackBerry® device has downloaded. Be as accurate as possible with the progress information.
  • Always allow users to use the End key to hide a progress indicator.

Guidelines for text

  • Use a concise, descriptive text (for example, "Loading data..." or "Building an application list...").
  • If an action is long and you want to communicate what is happening at each stage, provide text that describes each stage (for example, "Downloading..." or "Installing...").
  • Use sentence case capitalization.
  • Punctuate the text with an ellipsis (...).

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