About placing items in the pop-up menus

Pop-up menus display menu items in a 3-by-3, 3-by-2, or 3-by-1 grid depending on the number of items. By default, the pop-up menu always includes an item to open the full menu. You can provide up to eight additional items. If you provide more than eight items, the additional items are not displayed. You can add additional items to the full menu instead.

The first item that you add to the vector of CommandItem elements is the default item in the pop-up menu. The default item appears highlighted in the center of the grid when the BlackBerry® device user opens the pop-up menu. The other items are positioned in the pop-up menu based on the order that you add them.

If the number of items that you add to the pop-up menu leaves empty cells in the grid, filler items are added to the menu. The first filler item is an option to switch applications. The second filler item is an option to return to the Home screen.

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