Fixed issues

This section lists known issues for the BlackBerry® Java® SDK 6.0 bundle 52.

BlackBerry Integrated Development Environment

If you changed the title of a project you had created, the change was not reflected with its module properties. (505441)

When you loaded the sample workspace and tried to start the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator multiple times, a ControlledAccessException error was thrown. (433443)

Constants in the class BrowserFieldDebugger were not accessible but appeared in the autocomplete box in the BlackBerry Integrated Development Environment. (351644)

Sample applications

The Media Keys Demo sample application projects lost their signing when the BlackBerry® Smartphone Simulator launched. (474534)

The OTA Backup and Restore sample application did not correctly backup and restore contacts after synchronization. (438531)

You could not perform an enterprise activation using the OTA Sync sample application. (438475)

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