Users can zoom in to or out from items such as images, web pages, HTML email messages, maps, and attachments to view the details of the item or to scan specific sections of the item.


BlackBerry devices with a trackpad only

BlackBerry devices with a touch screen and a trackpad

Zoom in.

Click the trackpad.

  • Pinch open.
  • Click the trackpad.
  • Tap the screen twice quickly in the same location.

Zoom out.

Press the Escape key.

  • Pinch close.
  • Press the Escape key.
  • On zoomed in content, tap the screen twice quickly in the same location.

Best practice: Zooming

  • Use the ZoomScreen class to allow users to zoom in to and out from item. For more information about zooming in to and out from items, see the API reference guide for the BlackBerry® Java® SDK and the BlackBerry UI and Navigation Development Guide.
  • On zoomed in content, allow users to fit the content into the dimensions of the screen by pressing the Escape key twice quickly.
  • Assign shortcut keys for zooming in to and out from items. For example, in English, allow users to press "I" to zoom in and "O" to zoom out.
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