Themes determine the look and feel of BlackBerry® devices. A theme can change the appearance and structure of the Home screen, the application list, the banner, dialog boxes, title bars, and other elements of the user interface such as fonts and background colors.

The BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone introduces the BlackBerry® 6 theme. This theme is characterized by fashionable and stylistic design motifs that balance both functional and emotional elements.

This screen shows the BlackBerry 6 theme.

Users can choose from themes that are preloaded on their BlackBerry devices, or they can download a theme in a .cod file format.

You can build your own theme using the BlackBerry® Theme Studio which includes BlackBerry® Theme Builder. For more information about developing themes, see the BlackBerry Theme Builder User Guide.

Best practice: Designing themes

  • Limit the use of bright colors to icons and text. Use less saturated color for background images so that the background images do not overpower icons or text.
  • Choose a highlight color that has high contrast and clearly implies focus (for example, white text on a blue background). Use the same highlight color for all components.
  • Avoid changing the font, font size, or font style for highlighted text or items.
  • Limit the number of fonts that you use.
  • Make sure that any text in your UI is legible. Consider how font properties affect users' ability to read the text.

Guidelines for images

  • Keep the size of your theme file small by reducing the size of the images and optimizing the images where possible. Large theme files can affect the performance of BlackBerry® devices.
  • Create background images in a uniform color with subtle patterns so that the background images do not overpower the text on controls such as menus, buttons, or dialog boxes.
  • Provide background images in the appropriate sizes for each BlackBerry device that supports the theme.
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