Information dialog boxes

Use information dialog boxes to provide feedback about a user action. Information dialog boxes close automatically after a predefined period of time, or users can close the dialog box by pressing the Escape key. An information indicator appears in an information dialog box.

This screen shows an example information dialog box.

Best practice: Implementing information dialog boxes

  • Do not include buttons in information dialog boxes. To provide buttons, use another type of dialog box.
  • Allow users to press the Escape key to close the dialog box.
  • Set an appropriate timeout period for the dialog box based on the amount of time that is required for users to read the message. If users require more than 10 seconds to read the message, consider using another type of dialog box.
  • If you do not want to allow users to perform any other actions while the dialog box appears on the screen, use a status dialog box instead.
  • Avoid phrasing messages as questions. Use statements instead.

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