The theme determines the default font for BlackBerry® devices. Users can change the font and point size.

A list of fonts and point sizes are available on BlackBerry devices and in the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator. On the Home screen, click the Options icon. Click Display. Click Screen Components.

Best practice: Fonts

  • Inherit the font from the theme where possible. The default settings are designed to make text easy to read on each BlackBerry® device model. If you use another font or change the point size, verify that the text is readable on BlackBerry devices.
  • Use the FontManager class to install custom fonts. For more information about installing custom fonts, see the API reference guide for the BlackBerry® Java® SDK and the BlackBerry Java Application UI and Navigation Development Guide.
  • If you use multiple fonts in an interface, use fonts that are from the same font family.
  • Avoid using bold for emphasis.
  • Avoid using fixed font sizes and small font sizes.
  • Avoid using italic and underlined text. These font styles can make text difficult to read.
  • Avoid anti-aliasing small fonts. Anti-aliasing smooths the font edges, but with very small fonts anti-aliasing can make the text appear blurry.
  • Verify that all UI elements are clearly visible in low lighting conditions.
  • Consider the legibility of the text. Text becomes illegible when it appears on a background of a similar color or brightness.
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