Best practice: Writing for different languages and regions

  • Include subjects where possible. For example, use "the list that appears when you type" instead of "the list that appears when typing."
  • Include articles where possible. For example, use "press the Escape key" instead of "press Escape."
  • Use relative pronouns where possible. For example, use "the email address that you use" instead of "the email address you use."
  • Be consistent with the use of terms in the UI and try to use terms that are consistent with other applications on the BlackBerry® device. Using consistent terms improves the accuracy of the translations.
  • Avoid using slang, idioms, jargon, colloquialisms, and metaphors in your UI. These terms can be difficult for translators to translate and for users to understand.
  • Avoid references to ethnicity, religion, culture, and gender.
  • For references to countries, use the political name of each country. For example, use "People's Republic of China" instead of "Mainland China."
  • Verify that translated text uses local language conventions where possible.
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