Best practice: Punctuation

  • Be consistent with your use of punctuation.
  • Punctuate labels for lists, text fields, and search fields with a colon (:). Avoid using colons in button labels or menu item labels.
  • Avoid using colons in titles.
  • Use an ellipsis (...) in a button label or menu item label to indicate that users must perform another action after they click the button or menu item (for example, "Go to Date..."). Ellipses also indicate truncated text.
  • Use double quotation marks ("") when you refer to an alias or user-defined name for an object. For example, when users delete a bookmark, the name of the bookmark appears in double quotation marks (for example, "Are you sure you want to delete "World News"?").
  • Avoid using single quotation marks ('').

Guidelines for using end punctuation

  • Use end punctuation for complete sentences.
  • Insert one space following end punctuation if your application displays multiple sentences.
  • Punctuate questions with a question mark (?).
  • Avoid using exclamation points (!). Exclamation points can make users feel like you are shouting at them.
  • Use a serial comma (,) to separate the last item in a series of three or more items (for example, "Synchronize your contacts, appointments, memos, and tasks").
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