Retrieving a location using geolocation

The geolocation service provides an approximate location of the BlackBerry device by using cell tower positioning and WLAN access points. The approximate location is within 200 meters to 5 kilometers of the location of the device when cell tower positioning is used, and 30 to 500 meters when WLAN access points are used. GPS technology is not required on the device for your application to use the geolocation service, so it is ideal for applications that require only an approximate location and that are used indoors (for example, applications that recommend local points of interest).

When your app retrieves location information from the geolocation service, the cell tower and WLAN access points are stored locally on the device. The next time your app retrieves location information, the cache is checked first and if the location is the same, the data is returned from the cache. Accessing the cache helps to minimize bandwidth usage and provide faster responses.

Access to the geolocation service can be controlled by the BlackBerry device user in the options on the device, by an IT policy on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or by the wireless service provider.

Cell tower geolocation is supported on devices that run BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later. Geolocation using WLAN access points is supported on devices that run BlackBerry Device Software 6.0 or later.

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