Geolocation modes

With BlackBerry Java SDK 6.0 and later, you can retrieve geolocation information by specifying one of the following modes that are provided in the LocationInfo class ( net.rim.device.api.gps package):




This mode retrieves a location from the currently available geolocation sources, based on factors such as network connectivity, location accuracy, and data availability.


This mode retrieves a location based on cell tower positioning.


This mode retrieves a location based on WLAN access points positioning.

BlackBerry devices that do not support geolocation can use cell tower positioning to retrieve a location, but can't use WLAN. Cell site geolocation might be provided by some wireless service providers on the CDMA network.

In 5.0, the geolocation service provides location information by using cell tower positioning. To retrieve a location by using geolocation, you must specify GPSInfo.GPS_MODE_CELLSITE as the mode.

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