Displaying KML overlays on a map

KML documents are XML-based documents that you can use to store geographic data about places, buildings, points of interest, cycle paths, pictures, and so on. You can create and publish a KML document to a web site. You can display the KML data in a map field by specifying the URL of the KML document in the MapFactory.populateDataModelFromKmlUrl(MapDataModel model, String url, String tag) method.

Your application can display KML data in a map field only if the KML document is retrieved through the BlackBerry Internet Service or the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (for example, a KML document that is stored on a web site or on an intranet site). A KML document that is stored on a BlackBerry device (for example, on a media card) cannot be displayed.

Code sample: Displaying a KML overlay

String officeTag = "RIM offices";
String officeUrl = "http://www.example.com/rim_offices.kml";

//create the map field
RichMapField view = MapFactory.getInstance().generateRichMapField();

// retrieve the KML document and populate the data model
MapDataModel model = view.getModel();
MapFactory.getInstance().populateDataModelFromKmlUrl( model, officeUrl, officeTag );

// display only the RIM offices and center the view on the visible locations
model.setVisible( officeTag );
view.getMapField().update( true );
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