Using custom messages and folders in the message list

You can use the net.rim.blackberry.api.messagelist package to create custom messages and folders for a BlackBerry® device application.

To use custom folders and messages in an application, you must create an application with the following modules:

  • A UI module to interact with a BlackBerry device user
  • A service module to interact with an application server and perform other actions in the background

Both modules are part of the same application but have different application entry points.

You must determine the functionality that is part of each module. For example, a menu item that lets the user delete a message or mark a message as read should be part of the service module. A menu item that lets the user open or reply to a message should be part of the UI module.

See the Message List Demo sample application that is included in the BlackBerry® Java® SDK for a demonstration on how to use this API.

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