Register your EntityBasedSearchable object with the Unified Search Service

After you have defined your SearchableEntity class, and created an EntityBasedSearchable class to represent your searchable entities to the Unified Search Service, use the SearchRegistry to register them with the Unified Search Service.
  1. Import the required classes and interfaces.
    import net.rim.device.api.unifiedsearch.registry.RegistrationToken;
    import net.rim.device.api.unifiedsearch.registry.SearchRegistry;
  2. Create your EntityBasedSearchable.
    public class MyClass {
        private MySearchable _searchable;
        private RegistryToken _regToken;
        public MyClass() {
            _searchable = new MySearchable()
  3. Register your EntityBasedSearchable with the Unified Search Service.
            _regToken = SearchRegistry.getInstance().register(_searchable);
  4. It is a good practice to test whether the registration was successful.
            if (! _regToken.isValid()) {
                // Action to take if the registration is not valid.
Note: The registration token is unique to your EntityBasedSearchable until the BlackBerry® device restarts. You should store your registration token and reuse it when you update content using the AppContentManager class.

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