Customizing the appearance of your data in search results

The getIcon() method, in the EntityBasedSearchable and SearchableEntity interfaces, specifies the icon that appears in search results. In the Universal search feature on the Home screen, search results are grouped by application. The EntityBasedSearchable.getIcon() method specifies the icon that appears for the group.

You can also specify an icon for different categories of related searchabe entities. For example, if you create an application that catalogs books you might want to have different icons for different categories of books, such as best sellers, oversized, and first editions. These categories are all types of books, so they would logically fall under one EntityBasedSearchable object that managed books. However, an application that displays them might want to give a visual cue to help a user quickly determine whether to find a book on a regular shelf, a large shelf, or in an environmentally controlled room. In this case, you could create three SearchableEntity classes to wrap three different kinds of book objects, each with its own implementation of getIcon() . All three classes would still be managed by a single EntityBasedSearchable.

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