Storing data in SQLite databases

SQLite is a relational database management system. With a code footprint of roughly 300 KB, SQLite is well suited to small devices such as smartphones. In addition, SQLite makes efficient use of memory, disk space, and disk bandwidth; and SQLite databases require no maintenance from a database administrator.

To create and use SQLite databases in your Java app, you must use the Database API, which is the net.rim.device.api.database package.

The Database API implements SQLite databases in a way that might be slightly different from what you're used to. To improve efficiency, SQLite runs as a service on the BlackBerry smartphone. Database operations use a runtime bridge to transfer data between Java and native code. For more information, see Understanding SQLite as a service.

BlackBerry Device Software 7 uses SQLite 3.7.2. For more information about SQLite, see

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