Storage locations

Different BlackBerry smartphones support different places to store data. The following storage locations are available, depending on the smartphone model:

Application storage This storage location is internal to the smartphone. It contains the operating system, the BlackBerry Java Virtual Machine, and an internal file system. Application storage is also called flash memory and on-board memory. Application storage is the only place on a BlackBerry smartphone from which apps can be run. All BlackBerry smartphones have application storage.
External media card storage This storage location is a microSD card that BlackBerry smartphone users can insert to extend the amount of storage on their smartphones. It is optional and removable. A FAT file system is mounted on the media card. MicroSD cards are supported on all smartphones running BlackBerry Device Software 4.2 or later, with the exception of the BlackBerry 8700 Series.
Built-in media storage This storage location is an embedded multimedia card called eMMC. It is not removable. A FAT file system is mounted on the built-in media card. Built-in media storage is also called internal media memory and on-board device memory. Built-in media storage is included on some BlackBerry smartphone models.
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