SQLite database files

Each SQLite database is stored in a single file. If you specify only the database name as the parameter value to DatabaseFactory.create(), the database file is created in external media card storage. The default location for the database file is /SDCard/databases/application_name/. The name of the application that creates the database is included in the default path to avoid name collisions.

You cannot store SQLite databases in application storage.

External media card storage is the preferred storage location for databases if the BlackBerry device supports it. On devices that support external media card storage, you can create databases in external media card storage by specifying the path /SDcard/.

If your application is designed to store your SQLite database in built-in media storage, you should implement your application so that it is easy to modify the code to change the storage location of the database. On devices that support built-in media storage, you can create databases in built-in media storage by specifying the path /store/ .

When your application is uninstalled, the SQLite databases associated with it are not automatically removed.

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