application storage
Application storage is internal to the BlackBerry device. It contains the operating system, BlackBerry JVM, and an internal file system. Application storage is also known as flash memory and onboard memory. Applications on a BlackBerry device can be run only from the application storage. All BlackBerry devices have application storage.
built-in media storage
Built-in media storage is a storage location on an eMMC. It is not removable. A FAT file system is mounted on the built-in media card. Built-in media storage is also called internal media memory and onboard device memory.
Default Unicode Collation Element Table
embedded MultiMediaCard
File Allocation Table
flash memory
The flash memory is an internal file system on a BlackBerry device that stores application data and user data.
Java Specification Request
media card storage
Media card storage is a storage location on a microSD card that a BlackBerry device user can use to extend the amount of storage on a device. The media card storage is optional and removable. A FAT file system is mounted on the media card.
Mobile Information Device Profile
persistent store in flash memory
The persistent store in flash memory stores data for a BlackBerry device. By default, third-party applications cannot access the persistent store. When it deletes all device data, the BlackBerry device deletes the data in the persistent store.
RIM signing authority system
The RIM signing authority system is used by third-party developers to cryptographically sign their applications.
Structured Query Language
8-bit UCS/Unicode Transformation Format
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