Considerations for choosing a data storage approach

  • The file system is typically the most efficient storage location for large, read-only files such as videos or large graphics.
  • For storing data other than large, read-only files, SQLite databases are a scalable data storage option.
  • Memory on wireless devices can be very limited, so you should consider not storing all data on the device. BlackBerry devices are frequently connected so your application can access data when needed. In many cases, the best approach is to store data across device restarts only for data that is frequently accessed.
  • When you consider where to store essential data, keep in mind that microSD cards can be removed.
  • There is more latency in writing to application storage than there is in reading from it. For example, reading from the persistent store is relatively fast while commits are relatively slow.
  • The file system and record store are standards-based approaches, while the persistent store and runtime store are specific to BlackBerry devices. If you want your application to run on other Java ME compatible devices, you should consider a standards-based approach.
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