Code sample: Creating a singleton using the RuntimeStore API

The following example creates a singleton using the runtime store. In this example, the static variable _instance is initialized to null for each process running on the system, so getInstance() must check the _instance variable each time it is invoked.

For simplicity, this example does not show how to create the unique ID.

import net.rim.device.api.system.*;

class MySingleton {
   private static MySingleton _instance;
   private static final long GUID = 0xab4dd61c5d004c18L;

   // constructor
   MySingleton() {}

   public static MySingleton getInstance() {
      if (_instance == null) {
         _instance = (MySingleton)RuntimeStore.getRuntimeStore().get(GUID);
      if (_instance == null) {
         MySingleton singleton = new MySingleton();

         RuntimeStore.getRuntimeStore().put(GUID, singleton);
         _instance = singleton;

      return _instance;


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