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Simulate an incoming call

  1. On the Simulate menu, click Incoming Voice Call.
  2. In the New Incoming Call dialog box, for the originating phone number, type a new phone number or the phone number of an existing contact.
  3. Set one of the following Caller ID options:




    The BlackBerry® device can display the phone number of the originating phone.


    The phone number of the originating phone is blocked and not available for display on the BlackBerry device.


    The BlackBerry device cannot determine the phone number of the originating phone.

  4. To place the phone call to the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator, click Create Call.
  5. Click Answer or Ignore.
  6. End the call by performing one of the following actions:



    Simulate the termination of the call by the originating phone.

    1. Click Disconnect.

    Simulate a network failure.

    1. Set a reason for failure. Click Fail.

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