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Configuration settings for the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator



Launch Mobile Data System Connection Service (MDS-CS) with simulator

Start the BlackBerry® MDS Connection Service when you start the BlackBerry® Smartphone Simulator. You can use the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service to test network applications, push applications, and browser applications.

Launch app or URL on start up

Specify an application to start or a URL to open when the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator starts.


Specify the BlackBerry device model that starts when you run an application. The BlackBerry device models that are available are based on the version of the BlackBerry® Device Software that is currently selected.

Automatically use default values for all prompts

Select this option to have all options use the default value.

In the Specify the number of seconds to wait before the automated response is selected field, type the number of seconds that you want the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator to wait.


Specify the PIN of the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.


Specify the Electronic Serial Number of the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator. If unspecified, the number is generated from the PIN.


Specify the 14-digit hexadecimal CDMA Mobile Equipment Identifier of the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.

Enable device security

Specify that the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator simulates a secure connection.

System locale

Specify the locale of the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.

Keypad locale

Specify the locale of the keyboard on the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator. The default value is en.

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