The BlackBerry® Java® Plug-in extends the Eclipse development framework to enable Java developers to create CLDC applications and MIDlets for BlackBerry devices. In Eclipse and Eclipse based IDEs, the BlackBerry Java Plug-in provides the tools to create, debug, optimize, and localize Java applications for BlackBerry devices.

The BlackBerry Java Plug-in adds functionality and features to the Eclipse IDE that can help simplify Java application development for BlackBerry devices while giving you access to standard Eclipse tools, such as code assist. . The BlackBerry Java Plug-in includes BlackBerry® Java® SDK 5.0 with corresponding BlackBerry APIs, and a BlackBerry® Smartphone Simulator.

You can create BlackBerry device applications for different versions of the BlackBerry® Device Software. When you run a BlackBerry device application, the BlackBerry Java Plug-in starts the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.

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