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Spin boxes

Use a spin box to allow users to choose an item from an ordered list easily. For example, use spin boxes to allow users to find a number or to change the day of the week.


BlackBerry devices without a touch screen

BlackBerry devices with a touch screen

Find an item in the list.

  • Roll the trackball up or down.
  • Slide a finger up or down on the trackpad.

Slide a finger up or down quickly.

Choose an item from the list.

Click the trackball or trackpad.

Click OK.

Move to another spin box.

  • Roll the trackball to the left or right.
  • Slide a finger to the left or right on the trackpad.

Touch the spin box.

This screen shows an example of a spin box.

Best practice: Implementing spin boxes

  • Use spin boxes for a list of sequential items.
  • Use drop-down lists for non-sequential items or items with irregular intervals. For a short list of non-sequential items, you can use a spin box to provide a more interactive experience for users.
  • Avoid using a spin box if several other components appear on the screen.
  • Use the SpinBoxField class and the SpinBoxFieldManager class to create spin boxes.
  • Add spin boxes to dialog boxes instead of screens where possible.
  • When users highlight a spin box, display three to five items vertically.
  • Use an identifiable pattern for the sequence of items (for example, 5, 10, 15) so that users can estimate how much they need to scroll to find the target item.
  • Avoid making users scroll horizontally to view multiple spin boxes. If necessary, separate spin boxes into multiple fields.
  • If the text in a spin box is too long, use an ellipsis (...).
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