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Progress indicators

Use progress indicators to indicate the status of an operation. There are two types of progress indicators:

  • Use definite progress indicators when you can determine the duration of an operation. Definite progress indicators include a label to indicate what the operation is and a horizontal bar that fills from left to right as an operation progresses. A percentage appears in the bar to indicate how much of the operation is complete. In the browser, progress indicators also indicate the number of kilobytes out of a total number of kilobytes that a BlackBerry® device has downloaded. To hide a definite progress indicator, users press the End key. If users press the End key, the operation continues, but users can perform other tasks at the same time.
  • Use an indefinite progress indicator when you cannot determine the duration of an operation. You can indicate progress using a status dialog box or by using an animated clock cursor for the Precision theme or an hourglass cursor for the Dimension theme. Users cannot perform any other actions while an application displays an indefinite progress indicator.
Figure 1. Definite progress indicator
This screen shows an example of a wireless service provider therme.
Figure 2. Indefinite progress indicator
This screen shows indefinite progress indicated using a status dialog box

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