Controlling location tracking by using the BlackBerryLocationProvider class

The net.rim.device.api.gps.BlackBerryLocationProvider class extends the javax.microedition.location.LocationProvider class and it is required for BlackBerry® device applications that use the BlackBerry extensions to JSR 179. You can use the methods that are provided in the BlackBerryLocationProvider class to control location tracking.




This method retrieves the source of the location information. The source is either an internal or external GPS receiver.

pauseLocationTracking(int interval)

This method pauses location tracking and stops receiving GPS fixes. You can pass an interval parameter, specified in seconds, to make sure that the GPS receiver remains active during the pause interval. You can pass an interval of 0 to indefinitely stop location tracking and make the GPS receiver inactive.


This method resumes location tracking after it is in a paused state.


This method stops location tracking only if tracking was previously started. Your application must invoke BlackBerryLocationProvider.reset() before it restarts location tracking by using the same location provider.

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