BlackBerry Maps

You can create a BlackBerry® device application that interacts with BlackBerry® Maps. BlackBerry Maps is a map and location application that can display a map, the location of the BlackBerry device, a route from a starting location to a specific ending location, and points of interest on a map.

Your application can interact with BlackBerry Maps in the following ways:

  • Open BlackBerry Maps from your BlackBerry device application.
  • Display KML overlays on BlackBerry Maps.
  • Open BlackBerry Maps from the BlackBerry Browser.
  • Embed a map in your BlackBerry device application.

BlackBerry Maps can be installed on BlackBerry devices that are running BlackBerry® Device Software 4.2 or later.

You can use the MapsArguments class in the net.rim.blackberry.api.invoke package to create a BlackBerry device application that interacts with BlackBerry Maps.

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