Opening BlackBerry Maps from your application

You can open BlackBerry® Maps by using the Invoke.invokeApplication() method. When you use this method, you must pass in a net.rim.blackberry.api.invoke.MapsArguments parameter to customize the map view that appears.

You can use the following methods to specify how you want to open BlackBerry Maps:

  • Use the default settings by invoking MapsArgument().
  • Use address information for a contact by invoking MapsArguments(Contact, int).
  • Display the location of a landmark by invoking MapsArguments(Landmark[]).
  • Display a location at specific coordinates by invoking MapsArguments(MapView).
  • Use a location document by invoking MapsArguments(String, String).
  • Use local search information by invoking MapsArguments(ARG_LOCAL_SEARCH, String, String).

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