Support for media streaming

In BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.3 or later, the BlackBerry® Browser supports streaming of audio and video files. The BlackBerry Browser supports the following media types:

  • Video: WMV, h.263
  • Audio: MIDI, MP3, MP4, Wav

The browser supports media streaming over the HTTP or RTSP protocols.

When a user clicks a link to an audio or video file, the user can open the file, save it to the media card or device memory, or cancel the download. If the user opens the file, the BlackBerry Browser opens the media application and the file begins streaming. When the content is finished streaming, the user can close the media application to return to the browser. Streamed content is not saved; users cannot replay media unless they download it again.

The network gateway might limit the size of the file that can be streamed. There are no size limitations if the content is streamed over a Wi-Fi® connection.


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