Cookie storage

The BlackBerry® Browser maintains a cache to store cookies. The browser provides cookie support based on the Netscape® format for expiry dates (Expires=Weekday, DD-Month-YY HH:MM:SS GMT).

The cookie cache is saved in persistent storage, so cookies remain in the cache after the BlackBerry Browser session closes and when the BlackBerry device is turned off. However, cookies might be removed before the expiry date if the user manually clears the cookie cache using the BlackBerry Browser Cache Options.

In organizations with a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, if the JavaScript® support option is turned off for the browser, the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service can be configured to store cookies on behalf of the BlackBerry Browser. If JavaScript support is turned on, then the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service forwards cookies to the BlackBerry Browser so that scripts can access them.


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