Content caches

The BlackBerry® Browser maintains caches to store content based on the data type.



content cache

This cache stores rendered pages and unprocessed data. It contains all the data that is cached as a result of normal browsing activity.

pushed content cache

This cache stores content that is pushed to the BlackBerry device.

cookie cache

This cache stores cookies that are assigned to the BlackBerry Browser by web pages that the user visits.

The BlackBerry Browser respects cache control directives, such as Expires, Max-Age, and Cache-Control, that web servers can send in responses. Whenever possible, the browser loads requested content from the cache to help reduce network activity.

The pushed content cache and cookie cache are saved in persistent storage, so that content and cookies are maintained when the BlackBerry device is turned off. The user can clear these caches manually using the BlackBerry Browser Cache Options.


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