WAP network gateways

WAP network gateways are hosted by wireless service providers. WAP network gateways must support WTP-level segmentation and reassembly. Proprietary WAP extensions are not supported.

The BlackBerry® Browser accesses WAP network gateways using the WAP Browser configuration. To browse the Internet through a WAP network gateway, users must specify the WAP Browser configuration in the Browser Configuration settings.

The WAP Browser configuration supports the following protocols:



WAP 1.2.1

The WAP Browser configuration caches the WSP headers to decrease the transmission time of requests. The WAP Browser configuration sends common HTTP headers to the WAP network gateway when it sets up the WAP connection. In subsequent requests, the WAP Browser configuration sends only headers that are specific to the request or that contain values that are different from the initial values.

WAP 2.0

The WAP Browser configuration sends HTTP over wTCP. The BlackBerry Browser sends the HTTP request to a WAP 2.0 proxy, which then forwards the request to the server. The WAP network gateway determines the content types that the BlackBerry Browser can access. For example, some WAP network gateways might convert HTML content into a series of WML pages, or impose a limit on the size of content that the BlackBerry Browser can request.

For more information about WAP protocols, visit www.wapforum.org and read the specification WAP-203-WSP-20000504-a.


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