Network gateways and BlackBerry Browser configurations

The BlackBerry® Browser can be configured to connect to the wireless network through one of three network gateways.

Network gateway

Accessed by


BlackBerry MDS Connection Service

BlackBerry Browser configuration


BlackBerry Internet Service Browsing

Internet Browser configuration


WAP-compliant gateway

WAP Browser configuration

WAP 1.2 and WAP 2.0

Users can choose the network gateway that the BlackBerry Browser communicates with by choosing the configuration that is associated with that network gateway. For example, users might choose the WAP Browser configuration to access bookmarks provided by their service provider, the Internet Browser configuration to access Internet content, and the BlackBerry Browser configuration to access their organization's intranet.

Users can specify the settings for each configuration to help optimize the performance. For example, to ensure the correct operation of an organization's web application, users might want to turn on support for JavaScript® for the BlackBerry Browser configuration; however, to download content more quickly over the Internet for personal use, users might want to disable JavaScript for the Internet Browser configuration.

On Wi-Fi®-enabled BlackBerry devices, users can choose to use the Hotspot Browser to browse the Internet when they are in a Wi-Fi hotspot.


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