Users use the keyboard primarily to type text. On BlackBerry® devices without a touch screen, users can also use the keyboard to move around a screen (for example, to move around a map). However, navigation using the keyboard should always be an alternative to navigation using the trackwheel, trackball, or trackpad.

BlackBerry devices with a trackwheel or trackball have either a QWERTY keyboard or SureType® keyboard. BlackBerry devices with a trackpad have a QWERTY keyboard. Both types of keyboard include character keys and modifier keys. Character keys send a character to the BlackBerry device and include text keys, the Menu key, and the Escape key. A modifier key alters the functionality of character keys. Modifier keys include the Shift key and the Alt key.

On BlackBerry devices with a SurePress™ touch screen, in most cases, the QWERTY keyboard appears in landscape view and the SureType keyboard appears in portrait view.


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