Getting permission from users to run Gears scripts

Some Gears™ APIs require permission from the user before the BlackBerry® Browser can run Gears scripts. Scripts that require access to storage space on the BlackBerry device or access to functionality that is typically outside the scope of the BlackBerry Browser require the user's permission before the browser can run the script. When the browser encounters a script that requires permission from the user to run, the browser presents a dialog box that enables the user to allow or deny permission to run the script.

For each web application, the browser stores permissions granted by the user in the local database on the media card or on an internal multimedia card, if one or the other is available. If neither is available, permissions are stored in a temporary cache. This cache is cleared when the BlackBerry device restarts.

If the user allows an application permission to use Gears functionality, the application retains that permission until the user changes the permission setting, or, if the permission is stored in the cache, until that cache is cleared. Users can change the Gears permission settings at any time.

If the user denies an application permission to use the Gears APIs, the browser does not run the script.


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