Forms support

Users can navigate through forms displayed in the BlackBerry® Browser by using any of the navigation methods that are available on BlackBerry devices.

The level of support for forms in the BlackBerry Browser depends on the version of the BlackBerry® Device Software that the BlackBerry device is running.

BlackBerry Device Software version


3.7 to 4.5

In BlackBerry Device Software versions 3.7 to 4.5, the BlackBerry Browser supports basic form elements, including partial support for the <form>, <input>, <select>, <textarea>, and <option> elements. Support for <optgroup> is available in BlackBerry Device Software 3.8 or later.

Support for all HTML 4.01 input types was introduced in BlackBerry Device Software 4.2. In earlier versions, <input type="file"> is not supported.

Support for JavaScript® 1.5 was introduced in BlackBerry Device Software 3.8. You can create simple scripts to perform some client-side validation of form fields.

4.6 or later

In BlackBerry Device Software 4.6 or later, the BlackBerry Browser provides full support for HTML 4.01 forms. Support was introduced in BlackBerry Device Software 4.6 for the following elements:
  • <button>
  • <fieldset>
  • <label>
  • <legend>

With full DOM Level 2 and JavaScript support, a form can be completely validated on the client-side before the user submits it.

4.7.1 or later

In BlackBerry Device Software 4.7.1 or later, the BlackBerry Browser provides partial support for HTML 5 forms. The improvements added for forms with the HTML 5 specification attempt to make form controls more intuitive for users and to make form validation inherent in the HTML code itself, rather than relying on scripts to perform validation.

HTML 5 extends the type attribute by adding a wider range of supported input types. This enables the browser to render form controls that better reflect the kind of information that they are intended to collect. New input types include email and URL text fields, date controls, a range slider control, and a color picker. These typed form controls allow you to restrict the kind of input users can supply, and to make it less likely that users will supply incorrect or invalid information.

For example, to collect date information, a form can include a date control that allows the user to specify only the year, month, and day.

The text-based form controls (the <input> element's text, email, password, search, and url input types and the <textarea> element) support the inputmode attribute, which informs the BlackBerry Browser what language scripts or modifiers the field should accept.


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