Bookmarks in the BlackBerry Browser

The BlackBerry® Browser provides bookmark support that combines the functionality that is typical of desktop browsers with features that are designed for the wireless environment. Users can add bookmarks for any web site that they visit, they can organize their bookmarks in a hierarchy of folders, and they can move or copy bookmarks between folders. Users can edit the title and URL of bookmarks, and they can search for and delete specified bookmarks.

Bookmarks can be used to access content even when users are outside a wireless coverage area. Bookmarks in the BlackBerry Browser provide the following features specific to wireless browsing:
  • Offline bookmarks: When users add a bookmark, they can make the bookmark available offline. The content and URL of the web page are saved. Offline bookmarks are maintained even if the BlackBerry device is reset.
  • Automatic synchronization of content: When a user specifies automatic synchronization of a bookmark, the BlackBerry Browser checks for new content at a specified interval, and downloads the new content directly to the cache.

A bookmark for a web page is associated with the browser configuration in which the web page was displayed when the bookmark was added. When the user clicks the bookmark, the BlackBerry Browser uses the browser configuration associated with the bookmark, regardless of the browser configuration the user is currently using, and communicates with the server using the same network gateway.

Web pages that the user views frequently can be saved to the message list for quick access.

Users can back up their bookmarks using the BlackBerry® Desktop Software, so that when they update their devices with new applications, their bookmarks are retained.


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