Support for vector graphics

The BlackBerry® Browser supports vector graphics in the SVG and PME formats. SVG, a standards-based XML language developed by the W3C®, defines two-dimensional text or graphical content and animations. The BlackBerry Browser provides full support for the SVG Tiny™ 1.1 specification on BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry® Device Software 4.7.1 or later. The PME format (Transcoded SVG) is a proprietary, binary representation of SVG content that is supported only on BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry Browser supports the PME format on BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry Device Software 3.7 or later.

Both the SVG and PME format are supported via browser plug-ins. They can be viewed in the browser as individual files, or they can be embedded in an HTML page by using the <object> element.

Vector graphics define shapes and text based on paths and key points, rather than defining the content of each pixel. As a result, vector graphics can be scaled to fit a variety of screen sizes without any degradation in image quality or legibility of text. This adaptability makes vector graphics ideal for conveying graphical information on BlackBerry devices.


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