JavaScript support and DOM access

The level of JavaScript® support in the BlackBerry® Browser depends on the version of the BlackBerry® Device Software that the BlackBerry device is running.

BlackBerry Device Software version


3.8 to 4.5

In BlackBerry Device Software3.8 and later, the BlackBerry Browser supports JavaScript 1.3, subsets of JavaScript1.4 and JavaScript 1.5, and the ECMA-262 ECMAScript™ Language Specification.

In addition to the built-in JavaScript objects, BlackBerry Device Software versions 3.8 to 4.5 support the following objects:

  • blackberry
  • blackberry.location (introduced in BlackBerry Device Software 4.1)
  • Document
  • Form
  • History
  • Navigator
  • Screen
  • Window

4.6 or later

In BlackBerry Device Software 4.6, the browser's JavaScript engine was redesigned to provide much greater access to the DOM. The BlackBerry Browser supports most DOM Level 2 specifications, including full support for the following specifications:

  • DOM Level 2 Core
  • DOM Level 2 HTML
  • DOM Level 2 Styles
  • DOM Level 2 Events
  • DOM Level 2 Traversal

The BlackBerry Browser also provides partial support for DOM Level 3 Events, including the KeyboardEvent and TypeEvent objects.

5.0 or later

In BlackBerry Device Software 5.0, the BlackBerry Browser added support for JavaScript 1.6, exluding ECMAScript for XML. In addition, support for the DOM Level 2 Range specification was added.

For more information about the BlackBerry Browser's JavaScript implementation, see the BlackBerry Browser JavaScript Reference.


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