Gears support

Gears™ is a set of JavaScript® extensions that you can use to create robust and full-featured web applications. Using the Gears APIs, you can create applications that extend beyond the browser platform.

Support for Gears APIs, excluding the LocalServer API, was introduced in BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0. The BlackBerry® Browser supports Gears 0.5.

The Gears APIs that the BlackBerry Browser supports include the following key features:

  • persistent client-side data storage, so that a web application can manipulate and store user and application data directly on the device
  • the ability to run multiple JavaScript scripts in parallel, so that users are not blocked from accessing the page that is rendered in the browser while scripts are processed
  • the ability to create a Home screen icon for your application, so that users can access your web application just as they would access a Java® application that is installed on the BlackBerry device

Offline functionality is currently limited because the LocalServer API is not implemented in BlackBerry Device Software 5.0.

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