Pushed content supported by WAP network gateways

To push content through a WAP gateway, a WAP Push service record must be provisioned on the BlackBerry® device. WAP Push service records are typically sent during registration. On the BlackBerry device, the WAP Push service record specifies how the BlackBerry device receives WAP pushes, on which ports the WAP Push Processor listens for incoming WAP Push messages, and how the BlackBerry device manages the incoming messages.

Server applications can push content to the BlackBerry device using one of the following methods:

  • Existing WAP connections: This method is available only when a WAP connection is open between the BlackBerry device and the WAP gateway.
  • SMS messages: If an existing WAP connection is not available, the service record provisioned for the GPRS and CDMA networks typically uses SMS.

    Wireless service providers can restrict incoming SMS messages to specific source addresses. The source address restrictions are specified as parameters in the WAP Push service record.

  • UDP messages: If an existing WAP connection is not available, the service record provisioned for the iDEN® network typically uses UDP.

Push message types


service indicator

These messages are self-contained with some text to inform the user about an event or notification. The entire text of the message is included in the service indicator that is pushed to the BlackBerry device.

service loading

These messages include a URL at which the new content is located. The service loading message is pushed to the BlackBerry device first, and then the browser automatically downloads content from the URL location.

When a pushed message is successfully or unsuccessfully processed by the BlackBerry® Browser, a push completion notification is sent to the push initiator.

By default, the browser handles service indicator and service loading messages automatically. Users can change how incoming pushed messages are handled, or turn off WAP Push support in the browser configuration properties.


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